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Terex Financial Services can help you find financial solutions that will help you to purchase Terex Equipment while reaching your financial and economic goals.

It is one full and competitive solution through a single source for you to acquire your equipment.

Terex Financial Services™ offers full and competitive financing and leasing packages to help you manage the acquisition cost of equipment. We may help increase your budget, improve your cash flow and grow your ROI even further. It can be done easily, using a single payment structure, from a single and dependable source.

Adequate cost, flexibility and easiness

We offer a single customized payment structure to meet your particular business needs. E.g. we may customize payments in order to suit budget or business seasonality. Our flexible and fast payment solutions, along with a straight forward approval process, make the acquisition of Terex equipment much easier. According to what you need and when you need it, while preserving capital and optimizing your budget.

Financing and leasing advantages

  • Improves budget planning
  • Access to future budgets
  • Diversifies financing sources
  • Provides flexible payment structures
  • Allows for long-term increment
  • Lower cost to start with Terex
  • Final term flexibility
  • Operational expenses have no impact on capital

Who can benefit from the services of Terex Financial Services?

Any company that is purchasing Terex equipment including distributors, rental agencies and end users.