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With several new releases, Terex reaffirms its pioneering position in lifting and material handling solutions.

Terex Latin America (TLA) features important innovations for the lifting and material handling segments during the M&T EXPO. With investments in new facilities and products, Terex firmly believes that boosting up the industry with innovative products and services shall yield positive outcomes for both the company and their customers.

In 2015, Terex celebrates 55 years of presence in Brazil, and it has planned for a special participation in this edition of the M&T EXPO. Terex shall introduce new releases and novelties across all its portfolio, as follows:

Terex Utilities
For the Utilities Business Unit, the emphasis will be the new SKYCITY, aerial unit, which is100% Brazilian designed and produced to meet the needs of the big cities. The SKYCITY aerial features low fuel consumption and is virtually silent, which makes it ideal for live lines and telecommunication lines maintenance in large urban centers.

Terex Material Handling (MH)
In the MH segment, the novelty is the V-type crane. Released at the end of 2014, this Demag overhead crane introduces a revolutionary concept into the category. The product weighs 17% less, on average, as compared to similar box-profile girders. The new Demag V-type crane gives architects greater freedom for planning new factory buildings, and is suitable for companies that want to employ it in existing assembly and production bays.

Its innovative design also cuts down the oscillation of the bridge crane's girder by up to 30%,which allows you to position heavy and sensitive loads, such as glass panels, fluids or aluminum shell sections for aircrafts in a more precise and quick manner. Additionally, it may reach over 500,000 operating cycles which can double its usable life.

Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP)

The aerial work platforms leader in Brazil, Terex, will exhibit the Genie SX-180 boom lift. The largest AWP from Terex, and one of the largest AWPs in the world. With self-propelled telescopic booms, the product reaches up to 56 m in height, and takes two professionals on the work platform. Regardless of its high reach, it is very stable and compact for transportation because of its XChassis TM design, whose axles can be fully stowed for transport on a regular truck.
The platform also provides a 360º continuous rotating movement, without interrupting the work. In addition, it has joystick commands with fully proportional hall effects.

Terex Cranes
The Explorer 5800 all terrain crane will be shown for the first time in Brazil. Because of its compact design, while maintaining lifting capability and reach, the Explorer 5800 ATC stands out for its versatility and accessibility for a broad variety of work, thus offering cost-effectiveness in transportation and set-up. The Explorer 5800 crane can lift up to 220 t and reach over 100 m high.

RT Cranes operations' simulator
During the event, TLA will feature the RT cranes' simulator - designed by experts from a variety of areas for the Brazilian market. "With this equipment, we can now improve even further our training, and, as a result, achieve an excellent level of education of cranes' operators, which will certainly promote safer operations," explained Ricardo Beilke, Services Manager at TLA. Simulift, the Terex simulator's name, will be available for training at Terex facilities in Cotia and in Betim, as well as with the itinerant truck across Brazil.

Customer Support highlights
The Minha Terex Program was launched in 2014, aiming to achieve top-notch customer servicing, and become a benchmark within the market where it operates:

"We have been heavily investing in our services area, as well as introduced product-related novelties on a yearly basis. The Minha Terex program has been in operation for one year, and it is already yielding good results: with more satisfied customers due to servicing time reduction and effectiveness, for example 92% of the incoming calls at our Call Center are resolved upon the first contact", says François Jourdan, President of Terex Latin America. For him, this program ensures that customers across Latin America are provided with the same global excellency of the company, which is a major differential. The Minha Terex program includes Customer Service, Warranty, Technical Support, Parts, Training, and the Experts Team to provide quick replies for the demands and resolution of clients' problems.

Providing top-notch services is one of the priorities of Terex. By using the Minha Terex program, clients may count on a Van - the Mobile Services Unit of the program. This unit performs real-time failure diagnosis in advance for new or used equipment (already in place), aiming to effectively anticipate potential problems and reduce resolution time.

In addition, in 2015 Terex launched the Mobile Training Unit of the Terex University, which hosted a training at an automaker's facility about Normative Rule n. 11 that regulates bridge cranes' operations. The mobile unit can host in-house training and speeches about all our business units' equipment at clients' premises.

Since 2014, Terex Latin America has been offering the Terex University training center in Cotia, the Call Center (toll-free: 0800 031 0100), the showroom, and the Minha Terex Operational Control Center to remotely monitor the services provided to clients all over Brazil.

Added to all that, the bridge cranes' simulator, the TFS (Terex Financial Services) kiosk, and a space dedicated to port solutions will make Terex Latin America's booth space one of the most interesting in the event.