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Terex equipment being used in racetrack works in Goiânia


PT 50 Compact loader operating in the racetrack construction and improvement works
Goiânia, July 18, 2014. - Goiânia's International Racetrack is back to the national motorsports scenario in 2014. Because of that, there has been an increasing interest in investing and executing major infrastructure works there.
Examples of undergoing works are: multi-sport game courts, arena theater and kiosks with delivery deadline estimated for 2015 on a R$ 28 millions budget. Reis Locações is one of the contractors' companies that will make the optimization works possible, relying on the productivity and safety of a Terex equipment - model PT50.
"We can no longer rest assured on old technologies, depending only man power to execute works. The equipment cuts down working time and enables for a gain in the productivity of the operators", says Ari Reis.
The entire area is approximately 55 thousand square meters large, which will offer free access to the community: there will be a walking lane, a playground, an outdoor academy, and a board and roller-skating track.

PT - 50 - PT-50 uses a proprietary technology comprised of suspended undercarriage, thus maximizing traction and floating. This technology enables operators to work more comfortably. As a result, the operational weight (2,812 kg) of the equipment is split to only 24.1 kPa (3.5 lb per square inch) of pressure onto the ground. Its 37.3 kW (50 hp) naturally aspirated diesel engine provides smooth and reliable power.
Operating one PT-50 is easy. It has joystick controls operated by a pilot and a hydraulic system with load sensor, which prevents the engine from stopping.

About the DCCO: DCCO has been in operation for 30 years. It started as an independent distributor of Cummins' products. In 2011, it started representing Terex in Brasília, Goiás and in Tocantins State, providing trading and maintenance services for Lightning towers, Terex compact equipment and the full line of AWPs. Nowadays, the company is in charge of distributing and trading (sales and rental) of Engines, Genuine Parts, Generators, Industrial Machinery and Products, besides providing skilled technical support for all of these products. For further information, please, go to our website: www.dcco.com.br.